Identity Management

With SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, businesses can immediately grant or withdraw required IT authorisations from their employees.

‘Compliant Identity Management‘, where all changes to an identity and the assigned user accounts, including assigned authorisation, are protocolled, can be realised in combination with SAP Access Control. This allows requirements to be matched to a clear user and authorisation administration system.

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management allows you to manage the entire life-cycle of all identities (IT users) in your business, and not only in SAP systems, but also in your business’s complete, heterogeneous IT system landscape. Required user accounts, roles and authorisations are assigned automatically based on a set of rules.

Self-service functions allow employees to administer themselves or managers apply for authorisations on behalf of their subordinates and issue these authorisations via simple of complex approval workflows.

The additional application of SAP Access Control facilitates full Compliant Identity Management. While SAP NetWeaver Identity Management takes over User Provisioning, AccessControl automatically checks, in the background, whether the granting of rights could lead to risks, ensuring compliance.

Should it be determined that your SAP authorisation concept does not meet the requirements for risk-free authorisation management, our consultants will support you in the re-designing of or creation of a new concept for SAP authorisations.

The cellent AG cares for its customers with excellent consultancy services, starting with requirements analysis, to project planning and realisation, up to go-live and the development of a central identity management system.