SAP CRM Compliance Management

Your early warning system

The number of “criminal“ incidents is growing constantly. Topics such as favours, violations of environmental guidelines or transfer of contractual information to a third party endanger compliance and the value of a business. Up to now, there has been no adequate method to report such incidents quickly. But the legislator recommends the introduction of a prevention system for reporting such incidents.

For the introduction of a compliance management system in a business, you need very experienced consultants. We have already successfully advised numerous businesses in the implementation of this kind of early warning system on the basis of SAP CRM and know this contentious area very well.

Therefore we recommend our SAP CRM Compliance Management.

Our solution consists of two components:

Consultation Desk

Here, employees can ascertain whether an incident (e.g. invitations, gifts) complies with the compliance policy of the business before its occurrence.

Whistleblower System

Here, employees can check a past, present or future event.