Execute same-day deliveries with SAP Logistics Execution and SAP Transportation Management

Globalisation and digitalisation demand ever-increasing value chain networks, spatial and geographical boundaries are also being lifted. Clients and suppliers are no longer limited to regional proximity and stationary trading. This causes ever-longer and more extensive supply chains. This influences the entire process and the transport and turnaround times in particular.

Demands for high availability and quick and cost-efficient deliveries have remained, and have even intensified. The wish for same-day delivery at a particular time or at a particular location presents great challenges for the business. They must meet these demands to remain competitive in the market. The prerequisites for this are a good organisational structure and an efficient sequence organisation with the appropriate information technology.

With the design of the entire transport process from order creation, the correct planning and execution to the settlement of freight costs, you significantly reduce your transport costs. At the same time, you can also optimise your flows of goods, finance and information.

We support you in this and enable you to enjoy the greatest advantages possible with the technologically outstanding transport and shipping solution from SAP. The focal point here is the transport and shipping components of Logistics Execution (LE) and Transportation Management (TM).

Transport and delivery with the SAP Logistics Execution System

The Logistics Execution System (LES) essentially consists of the components Shipping (LE-SHP), Transport (LE-TRA) and Warehouse Management (LE-WM).

Shipping (LE-SHP) and Transport (LE-TRA) enable the planning and processing of all shipping and transport processes, from delivery creation, via delivery processing and transportation planning, to freight cost invoicing within SAP.

Transport and delivery with SAP Transportation Management

SAP Transportation Management (TM) is part of the Supply Chain Execution Platform (SCE) and the latest platform for the planning, control and checking of all transport processes along the supply chain. Transportation Management is suited for both loading businesses as well as for transport and logistics service providers and offers the following functions to support transport processes:

Order Management, Planning und Optimisation, Freight Management, Transport Processing, Transport Control, Freight Cost Invoicing, Freight Cost Simulation and Multimodal Transport Planning.

The combination of SAP Transportation Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management and SAP ERP makes a holistic design of the logistical chain possible.