Success with SAP Warehouse Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Whether an individual business or a network of businesses, storage of goods cannot be eliminated fully. A bridging of the dimensions of space, time and quantity is necessary in all places where supply and demand are not synchronous. Precisely the developments in recent years have brought the importance of warehouse administration more and more into focus. The demand for modern warehouse administration systems has grown due to demands for shorter delivery times and high availability. The expectations of modern logistics are flexibility, simplification and automation.

In order that your warehouse administration does not remain a cost factor, but rather becomes a success factor, we will support you in the analysis, implementation and optimisation of your business processes in connection with the associated application system. With our holistic field of vision, we bring your business processes together with information technology. To achieve this, we use the solutions SAP Warehouse Management (WM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), depending on situation and client demand, and create effective and efficient warehouse logistics.

Efficient warehouse management with SAP Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management (WM) is the integrated application component for warehouse administration within SAP and is part of the Logistics Execution System component (LES). SAP LE-WM offers continuous processes and supports you in the processing of all movements of goods, from receipt of goods and redistributions to the release of goods.

One of the biggest strengths is integration into SAP ERP and close interlocking to neighbouring components such as materials management, production and sales. Thanks to this, continuous business processes are possible, with a focus on the internal processes of a business.

We use the SAP Standard as much as possible. Wherever the SAP Standard is not sufficient, we design and implement solutions that are tailored to clients and close to the standard: 


  • With our packing station solution and the support of scales, you control packaging units and manual packing stations including the connection to parcel services.
  • Our loading control clearly shows where individual goods are ayt any time in the shipping process to the client.

Mobile solutions:

Our mobile dialogues, on the basis of ITS-Mobile cover all requirements in the warehouse, from receipt of goods to inventory.

Multi-stage transports:

Goods are moved over several turnover points from source to destination in almost all warehouses. We have the solution to process multi-stage transports in SAP WM.

Efficient warehouse management with SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a part of Supply Chain Execution Platform (SCE) and is SAP's most modern and future-proof warehouse administration system. EWM builds on the knowledge and functionalities of SAP Warehouse Management. Alongside the familiar functionalities, EWM offers an extended range of functions for meeting the requirements of a modern warehouse administration system in view of functionality and automation.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management allows you to control your warehouse as well as possible and enables efficient, flexible and automated processes. In the long term, EWM will be the central warehouse administration system of SAP. From a strategic point of view, the high development dynamic of the system speaks for EWM, along with the foreseeable integration into the new Business Suite S/4HANA. In contrast to SAP Warehouse Management, SAP Extended Warehouse Management is actively further developed.